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Claire Russel MOOREPilates Story

Claire Russel

Before having children I’d never had any problems with my back, despite sitting at a desk hunched over a computer screen for over 8 hours every day. I first started experiencing neck and shoulder pain when my twins were 18 months old, which left me unable to move my head, drive or even pick up the boys.

My GP prescribed muscle relaxants, which got me moving again, but only a few months later I was back in the same position. I then started seeing osteopaths on a regular basis for treatment but I soon realised that a lifetime of slouchy posture, two c-sections and, with three little boys, very little time to exercise was taking its toll on my body. And, unless I did something to improve my core strength, this cycle of pain and discomfort followed by treatment was going to continue.

I’d been to some Pilates classes at my old gyms in both London and Sydney and thought that focusing on core strength would be a sensible place to start. I started coming to Moore Pilatesonce a week in 2014 after a recommendation from my friend Jess Knight. Sam put me through my paces, I was shocked to realise that I had muscles in places I didn’t realise I had them!

I do one reformer class a week on a Monday evening, I’m always tired but it sets me up for the week ahead. Now, over two years since I started, I can honestly say that my core is stronger than it’s ever been before. 

I’m so STRONG! I can pick up my kids and carry them upstairs, give them piggy backs, even my 8 year olds.  And, the real proof for me is that in the two and half years I’ve been coming to MOOREPilates, I haven’t been to the osteopath once! 

I’m constantly amazed at how much stronger I am now, I’m more conscious of my posture and how the ‘Pilates breathing’ can help too. I feel like I’m more aware of any niggles in my back and shoulders and know how to deal with it. These days, I don’t travel anywhere without my Swedish memory foam pillow, I have three foam rollers in my bedroom and know if I feel a twinge in my back I can roll it out on the rollers. 

I enjoy the variety and that classes are always different, like most people I get bored quickly but find that I’m rarely checking my watch in a class. Honestly, as a stay at home mum, I really cherish the time for myself!

Claire Russel