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Kathie Collins MOOREPilates Story

Kathie Collins

Until I started Pilates sessions with Sam, my fitness regime involved high impact / high energy activity – horse riding, cycling, running, badminton, swimming and other sports that required extensive physical effort.  I wasn’t sure whether I would take to the more intense, controlled exercise that comes with Pilates – how wrong was I!! 

My regular sessions have enabled me to learn more about my body holistically than any other single exercise that I have ever undertaken.  My posture and balance have improved immeasurably (I have had leg length discrepancy from birth but had not realised how misaligned my hips had become over the years).  I am more conscious of my hip positioning now and have made changes which will significantly improve my mobility as I grow older. 

My core strength is 100%+ better now than it was before I started Pilates in Spring 2015.  The benefit of this flows through into all the other sports that I still pursue (especially the horse riding!!). 

I have seen many other improvements – my breathing is more controlled (Sam might not agree with this!), my shoulders are less rounded and hunched, my upper arms are definitely toned and upper legs are less wobbly!  The biggest overall benefit is the control I am now able to exert over muscle groups and parts of the body I never knew existed – it sounds easy, but for me it has taken hard work and brilliant tuition to get here!! 

My final comment comes back to the holistic nature of Pilates.  Every week we work on different parts of my body – nothing has been spared!  But I leave my sessions at the studio walking taller (and straighter!), with muscles tingling and stretched and I’m always smiling.  I love it!

Kathie Collins