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Orla Palmer MOOREPilates Story

Orla Palmer

Of course, I should have heeded Sam’s advice when I told her I was taking up running at the ripe old age of 45 – 12 months later I was back in the studio, in tears telling her the orthopedic surgeon recommended a full hip replacement as the only available option for me.  I had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia (rather than having a nice deep cup to hold the bone in place I had a flat plate basically!) which I had probably had since a child but the running exacerbated the issue.  This meant that the hip would frequently slip and slide and dislocate itself when I turned over in bed, walked down stairs and even just crossed my legs.   Combined with this, the cartilage had worn away unevenly and the bones were now wearing bone on bone. 

I was scared, in pain and unaccepting of both the fact my body was failing me so early on and the fact that I was going to need serious surgery which involved a saw (never a good thing), with a long recovery period.   Sam very quickly talked me off the ledge and before I knew it put a full restorative plan in place – within a week she had me doing weekly physio sessions with her amazing physio Jo Kelly – backed up with my regular reformer pilates class.  After about 10 weeks of this, I’m stronger than ever before – I’ve learnt to use the correct muscles and having strengthened those muscles, my dodgy hip is now held firmly in place, it no longer dislocates and the pain is gone.  I’ve recently happily canceled all appointments with my orthopedic surgeon as there are no longer any real symptoms! 

When I told my classmate the story, she said Oh that’s nothing, the doctors told me 10 years I needed both knees replaced and instead I found Sam!!  And that is the happy ending to my story too – I found Sam (again! 2nd time she’s fixed me too but that’s anotherstory!) and Jo.  There aren’t words to express my gratitude. 

Thank you ladies xx.

Orla Palmer