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Total Barre Pilates Classes


17 April 2019

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Total Barre Pilates Classes

MOOREPilates Total Barre Classes are high energy and dynamic fusing dance, cardio and strength training. If you want the lean and long look then the Barre workout is for you, no dance experience is necessary as this programme if for everyone.

Barre classes are fun and focus on increasing strength, stamina, flexibility and dynamic stability. Only ten clients per class.

January 30

Matwork Pilates Classes

MOOREPilates Matwork Classes will help you to create a balanced, strong, stable and co-ordinated body.

April 17

Teenage Pilates Classes

MOOREPilates believes that Pilates help, develop confidence, coordination skills, strength, and safe levels of flexibility, correct alignment and posture.

April 17

Stretch Class

MOOREPilates has developed a unique stretch class that fuses flow yoga with pilates the principles on our reformers.


Calling all Pilates Instructors

We are currently recruiting Fully Certified Pilates Instructors ideally holding a Specialised Level 4 Qualification.  
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